2015 – What A Year At TCMB

2015 – What A Year At TCMB

Dear Ministry Partner,

WHAT A YEAR!! As a former employee of mine used to say when we encountered adversity….. “challenges and opportunities, challenges and opportunities!!”. As always, the blessings outweigh the hardships. But while we are going through them, it’s not always fun.

Sometimes even the blessings come with their own added workload. Always overworked, our staff rise to the challenges!! This year we were able to open our new Family Centers, one for the men and one for the ladies; what a miraculous blessing!! Now, for the first time, we are reuniting families of our students while they are finishing their program. Thus, allowing us to minister to both the husband and wife. These new blessings make it possible to better prepare our students and families for success in their new lives in Christ. All I can say is WOW!!! My God is a Good God!!

As most of you know, on June 3rd, 2014, our Sierra Pacific Teen Challenge facility caught fire and significantly destroyed our restaurant and commercial kitchen. When all was “said and done” what appeared to be a disaster and challenge had become a tangible “Opportunity and blessing”. The combination of insurance money, volunteer help, hard work and a crazy schedule: “Oh My God! My God is a good God!!” He did “above and beyond” what we could “imagine or dream of”. Come and see what our God can do!!

Like I said above, even the blessings can come at a cost. This is where you come in. We need your help. Though we try to be as self-funding as possible, there is about 20% of our operating costs that come from charitable contributions and we also need help with expansion costs to attack the ever increasing war of addictions and homelessness.

Will you stand with us? Together, as the Body of Christ, we can make a difference!!

In Christ,

Mike Borden
Executive Director

This year we, with you and God’s help, provided healing, discipleship and residences to:

• House, feed and disciple nearly 150 students
• House, feed and share the Gospel with 100 or more homeless mission guests each night
• Prepare and serve over 20,000 meals a month
• Provide food boxes for needy families

Nights of Shelter: 84,316
Meals prepared and served: 252,945


photo credit: depositphoto.com