Meet Our Missionaries

The TCMB Staff
You can donate right now by making a credit card payment online or you can mail checks or money orders to Teen Challenge, P.O. Box 1807, Watsonville, CA 95077. All missionary support gifts are deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes, and in California for state income tax purposes.

mikeExecutive Director: Mike Borden Saved at an early age with a clear calling to serve God, I spent the first twenty years as a less than dedicated Christian. God, always faithful, used that time to mold and shape me with a wide variety of skills and experience. A wartime veteran (U.S. Navy) 1970-1975, U. S. Forest Service 1975-1981 and a career in environmental management and engineering 1982-1993 are just a few of the opportunities God has blessed me with. Since 1985 I have served in ministry and served on several Christian Boards with both evangelistic and educational ministries. I have been in full time ministry for over 20 years serving first with CityTeam Ministries and now as the Executive Director of Teen Challenge Monterey Bay. I have been happily married for over 44 years and have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

lpFWC Chaplain: Lynn Pielenz I was born in Kentucky, but was raised a “Valley Girl” – Sacramento Valley, that is. I was born again through camping ministry in Jr. High. At High School age I had my first experience volunteering at a rescue mission putting on Gospel services for the needy. This led, years later, to full time work with several California Rescue Missions, the last being Pajaro Rescue Mission where my husband and I have served for over 21 years. Under the Lord’s direction, I now serve full time with the Freedom Women’s Center as Chaplain, Educational Coordinator and teacher. My cup runneth over!

jlProgram Director: Peter Ecksteen Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, an ordained minister and leader of people. He has served in so many ways for 12 years at his home Church in California, where he currently reside with his beautiful family. He continues to answer the call and follow the Holy Spirit with God’s chosen at Teen Challenge Monterey Bay. He will continue to travel the world teaching and bringing encouragement, while sharing the gift of praise and worship to those that desire to come closer to the Lord in an intimate way. Love God. Love people. Make the dream a reality. The Lord is working it out for him and he will live to talk about it.

Cameron McGee, Assistant Program Director, Pajaro Men’s Center
My name is Cameron McGee and I am the Assistant Program Director of Pajaro Men’s Center. I came into the program in 2014 to try to find myself and gain some life back after a 12 year addiction to pain medication and other things. Going through the program, I realized I had a call on my life and I decided to stick around and do an internship as a student. Upon completion, I stayed on to do an internship then I ended up obtaining the position where I currently serve.

Legal Ministry Advisor:
David Valerio

David Valerio has joined the Teen Challenge of Monterey Bay volunteer staff as Legal Ministry Advisor. Mr. Valerio has been conducting pro-bono representation of people in need for his entire legal career covering over 30 years. He has experience handling a wide variety of cases including family law, administrative law, immigration, criminal law, social security disability, landlord- tenant matters, personal injury, IRS and FTB tax issues, and debt management. Mr. Valerio graduated from California Baptist University where he was on the Dean’s List and received his law degree from Lincoln Law School.

Allen and Jamie Clark
High Desert Adult and Teen Challenge

Hello, my name is Allen Clark. My wife Jamie and I have been serving as Missionaries here at Teen Challenge Monterey Bay. We have 5 children (Hailey, Eve, Ronnie, Mason, and Bohden) 3 of whom live with us full time. We have followed God’s call to join with Teen Challenge Monterey Bay on the front lines to fight against life controlling issues, such as addiction. Jamie and I feel so blessed to be able to share the love and saving power of Jesus Christ with the men here. We want to see God transform the lives of those who are lost in addiction, as I once was. That is how we know our God is a God of miracles, because we have seen Him do the impossible in our lives.

Justin Nesper:
Restaurant Manager, Emigrant Gap, CA

Before I came into the program, I was lost, broken, and desperate. At this point, all I knew was drug abuse and alcoholism. I caused friends and family tremendous grief and pain. God chose to pull me out of my muck and mire and graciously brought me to Teen Challenge. I had a very long program full of brokenness and surrender. It took for me to surrender my brokenness to really understand God’s calling in my life. I am now restaurant manager at The Rustic Table where I get to lead disciples and minister to others on a daily basis. I love what I do and who I serve and there is no other place I want to be in this season of my life.

ncController: Nancy Cahill In 1996 I asked Jesus to become my Lord and Savior. In addition, I gave Him Lordship over my life. Since that time, my walk with the Lord has been a marathon run. The Lord met me right where I was. He showed me I was precious and a child of His. The events and circumstances in our lives are for a purpose – His purpose. It has been my experience that people who use drugs and alcohol are numbing the pain and attempting to escape their feelings. Jesus Christ has given me hope and healed me. He has shown me how to share the freedom that is in Christ with others – and called me here to Teen Challenge Monterey Bay.

RBNight Security: Royal Burchell
It was the sovereignty of God that took me to Teen Challenge where I learned my church life would not take away my guilt. I needed to experience the power of God’s love. God told me He loved me with 100% of love 100% of the time and nothing would ever change that. God has empowered me to be a witness for Him here at Teen Challenge. God has shown me there are no coincidences.

jlProgram Support: Randy Mitchell  It’s been a great ride! And it is truly a great honor to be a witness to what God is doing in the lives of these wonderful men, it’s such a pleasure to be a part of all we do.

Sue Dorcich:
Marriage and Family Bible Study:

  I was saved  in 1973, served as church board member, secretary to the Board, partner with husband in teaching kids starting in 5th and 6th grade and eventually moving up to high school.  We had the privilege of teaching the same children for 8 years.  Involved in our church, Royal Family Kid’s Camp for foster children, worship team, pastoral calling committees.  My husband and I served on the Board of TCMB for many years and have watched the  ministry grow over the years.  After my husband passed Michael asked me to come to TCMB and conduct Bible Studies with the married couples here at Joseph House.  This was a ministry that had been on Michael’s heart for several years.  (found minutes from one of our Board Meetings of several years ago, and there was his request for prayer for the very position I am now serving).  I am excited to be here and a part of what God is doing in the lives of these men and women.

Jose Marin:
Program Director:
Sierra Pacific Adult and Teen Challenge

Blessings to you and yours. I came to Teen Challenge 6 and a half years ago just wanting to just get clean and sober. I knew about God but wasn’t really worried about getting to know him. Proverbs 16:33 says “We may roll the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall”. God started making me see everything with a different heart. I surrendered. After completion of TC I was still not ready to go anywhere, especially my old hometown. The Lord had put it on my heart to stay on and do a 6-month staff internship. My life got rocked when I came up to The Lodge. God started showing me my true purpose in life. A life in ministry. I no longer wanted it to be about me. I wanted God to use me, all of me. I went from recruiting gang members to recruiting men for The Kingdom. THIS IS GODS CALLING ON MY LIFE!!!!

Johnny Gaeta
Assistant Program Director
Sierra Pacific Adult Teen Challenge

Hello, my name is Johnny Gaeta.   I am the Assistant Program Director at Sierra Pacific Adult Teen Challenge. Before coming to Teen Challenge Monterey Bay, I struggled in addiction for over 25 years in and out of recovery. During this time, I gained a lot of knowledge about recovery through the 12 steps, relapse prevention and conflict resolution.  Although this was good knowledge, it didn’t keep me sober. The missing ingredient was an authentic relationship with Christ. Now 7 years sober, I am married with 2 kids. I know Christ is the answer and the steps help maintain my relationship with Him and others.  My mission is to lead other men into the freedom Christ gives from addiction and life controlling issues. Using everything I’ve learned through this journey to benefit the men I disciple,  I know this is what God has called me to do.

Steffanie Hubbard
Mission Supervisor
Grace Harbor Women’s Mission

Hello, my name is Steffanie Hubbard. Before I came to Teen Challenge I was completely broken. I was lost, hopeless, and living on the streets. God brought me to Teen Challenge in November of 2018 and I never looked back. I completed the program and stayed on to serve the homeless. I am super blessed to be the Mission Supervisor of Grace Harbor Women’s Mission. My heart is with and for the homeless. My goal is to help single women and women with children have a better life over all. Nothing is impossible with God. Everyone is valuable and deserves a chance.