Our Purpose

Why We Exist

The purpose of Teen Challenge Monterey Bay, is to “evangelize people who have life-controlling problems and initiate the discipleship process to the point where the student can function as a Christian in society applying spiritually motivated biblical principles to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation and the community. Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.”

The salvation of Jesus Christ is the main avenue to create true and lasting change in a person’s life. Teaching students about Christ and leading them to salvation is essential to the work of Teen Challenge.

Teen Challenge helps men, women and children with life-controlling problems. Life controlling problems are exactly what the name suggests: problems that control a person’s life. They include drug and alcohol abuse, behavioral reactions to sexual and physical abuse and other problems. Teen Challenge helps the whole person in spiritual, emotional, physical, social and educational perspectives.

SPIRITUALLY: Teen Challenge deals with the students’ problems as symptoms that relate to deeper problems and conflicts (sin). Instead of escaping their problems they find, through the life in Christ, the changing power that gives the ability to cope with problems and live a more effective life.

EMOTIONALLY: The rebuilding of the abused mind and emotions is of key importance. The study of the Bible enhances mental growth by serving as the foundation for the restructuring of broken-down thought patterns, creating new, more stable ways of life. Personal and group counseling with concerned staff member’s help individuals resolve questions and conflicts that they are facing.

PHYSICALLY: Teen Challenge cares for such needs on a long-term basis. Assistance is given for shelter, food, clothing, and recreation. Other needs such as a drug-free environment are provided.

SOCIALLY: Through the benefits of a group living situation, students are encouraged to work out relationship problems to successfully relate to family and peers once they complete the program. Such interaction promotes a strong character of moral fiber, right attitudes and desires.

EDUCATIONALLY Teen Challenge provides for those who have not completed their high school education. The educational program helps the students gain their GED. Additionally, Teen Challenge has a curriculum specifically designed to teach students more about God and about who they are according to God. It is designed to cover approximately one year’s time at Teen Challenge.