Our Core Values

The TCMB Culture

Called – Romans 8:28-31
– Staff must be called to this ministry not have just a burden.

– Student don’t come here by chance, they are called here.

Simple Christianity – 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
– We are grace based and non-denominational

– We live and teach the authentic basic characteristics of Christ.

Valuable Lives – Luke 15:11-32
– We believe that our students are exceptional human beings.

– Our students are called, gifted, and equipped to do the work of the Lord.

Discipleship – John 15:12-17
– We invest our lives in our student’s one on one and in small groups.

– The program is designed to “do with” not “for” or “to”.

Commitment – James 1:19-22
– A desire to change is not enough, transformation requires a commitment.

– Staff & Students will demonstrate commitment through dependability.

Stewardship – Matthew 25:21
– Staff and students understand their gifting and faithfully administer them.

– The program demonstrates stewardship through spiritual and economic sustainability.

Balance – Ecclesiastes 7:18b
– The program and staff model consistency and moderation.

– Balance will promote sobriety and a productive and meaningful life.