I grew up with a lot of problems, and as I grew older I hated every part about myself and my parents. When I was 12 I started smoking weed. At 15 I burned myself for the first time and started misusing my ADD medication and began my addiction. At 16 I was sent to my first mental hospital for self injury. This was a wake-up call for my family. They didn’t see the dark, suicidal side of me.

A few years later as the new year began, I cried out to God and within 3 days I was safe at Teen Challenge. I have been clean and sober ever since. God gave me a second chance at Teen Challenge. He has healed my mind and is restoring my family – all because of Jesus!



Will you consider giving financially to Teen Challenge? There are thousand more just like this who need to find God. At Teen Challenge Monterey Bay every penny is put to helping others find hope, healing and redemption through Jesus Christ.