For as long as I can Remember staff and students of Teen Challenge Monterey Bay have come together on the 2nd Thursday of each month to meet at Sea Cliff state park beach located in Soquel, Ca. to celebrate the public declaration of men being baptized. It’s a moment where a man can proudly declare ” I’m a Christian and I’m accountable “.

It’s a moment where a man can proudly declare “I’m a Christian and I’m accountable”.

This is a time where some men will see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It’s a time were families are reunited to enjoy fellowship, food and changed lives. The time starts out with Mike Borden’s well known opener… “What are you praising God for today?”. And by THEIR many different answers, I know that I’m praising God for his grace on me and a 2nd chance for these men. Amen.

Joel Luna

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Joel Luna is the Staff Intern for Education. He came to TC back in 2004. He attends Cathedral of Faith church in Watsonville and serves as the Director of Hospitality.