Personal Testimony: Joel

My name is Joel and I grew up in Waterford, California. I was raised by my parents and had an older sister that I looked up to. My family was very loving, protective and sheltering. I had a wonderful childhood with very great memories. I was extremely loved, wanted and was given pretty much anything and everything I needed and wanted. I was a well behaved kid.

I always felt loved and was for the most part happy, but started to deal with depression. I got into drugs and alcohol at the age of 14, and ended up with a DUI in 2010. Down the road it got really bad when I got into crystal meth in 2014. My family saw I was suffering while I was still working full time and also doing drugs full time. They tried to help, but couldn’t figure out how.

My sister found out about Teen Challenge and sat me down to tell me about it. We then discussed it as a family. Since being here at Teen Challenge and inviting Christ into my life, I have seen and felt the blessings that He has poured into my life and the love He has for me. I have begun to feel happy and healthy and am thankful for getting here to get my life back on track.

I love you, Lord, my strength (Psalms 18:1)




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