I Hated Every Part Of Me

I Hated Every Part Of Me

I grew up with a lot of problems, and as I grew older I hated every part about myself and my parents. When I was 12 I started smoking weed. At 15 I burned myself for the first time and started misusing my ADD medication and began my addiction. At 16 I was sent to my first mental hospital for self injury. This was a wake-up call for my family. They didn’t see the dark, suicidal side of me.

A few years later as the new year began, I cried out to God and within 3 days I was safe at Teen Challenge. I have been clean and sober ever since. God gave me a second chance at Teen Challenge. He has healed my mind and is restoring my family – all because of Jesus!



Will you consider giving financially to Teen Challenge? There are thousand more just like this who need to find God. At Teen Challenge Monterey Bay every penny is put to helping others find hope, healing and redemption through Jesus Christ.


County Supervisor Greg Caput Donate’s $6,000 to Emergency Shelter

County Supervisor Greg Caput Donate’s $6,000 to Emergency Shelter


Date of Release: December 5, 2014 , 12:00 PM

What: County Supervisor Greg Caput Makes Matching Gift Challenge of $6,000 for Emergency Shelter Services

Director Mike Borden received the generous donation thanking the supervisor for his continued support.

Director Mike Borden received the generous donation thanking the supervisor for his
continued support.

At last nights Rescue Mission/Grace Harbor banquet, Santa Cruz Supervisor Greg Caput made a personal matching gift challenge of $6,000, asking the community to join him in supporting the homeless and less fortunate.

Director Mike Borden received the generous donation thanking the supervisor for his continued support (see attached photo).

Borden said “This is an incredible opportunity for Pajaro Rescue Mission and Grace Harbor, (formerly the Salvation Army Shelters), to make a tremendous mark on the lives of so many. We are so grateful for the Supervisor’s generosity and to those who will step up and meet this challenge”.

Our free-of-cost emergency services are available 365 days a year. They include:

Bilingual Daily Chapel services

Shelter for up to 40 men and 28 women (with family shelters coming soon).

Nourishing meals three times a day

Daily showers

Modern, well-ventilated dorms

Clean change of clothing

If you would like to make a donation or have questions regarding this media release do not hesitate to contact us at (831) 288-5699 or on the internet at: www.teenchallengemb.org to donate on-line.


Prepared by: Manny Solano, Advisory Board Member
Contact info: (831) 768-3301 or manny.solano@cityofwatsonville.org

Beach Baptisms

Beach Baptisms

For as long as I can Remember staff and students of Teen Challenge Monterey Bay have come together on the 2nd Thursday of each month to meet at Sea Cliff state park beach located in Soquel, Ca. to celebrate the public declaration of men being baptized. It’s a moment where a man can proudly declare ” I’m a Christian and I’m accountable “.

It’s a moment where a man can proudly declare “I’m a Christian and I’m accountable”.

This is a time where some men will see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It’s a time were families are reunited to enjoy fellowship, food and changed lives. The time starts out with Mike Borden’s well known opener… “What are you praising God for today?”. And by THEIR many different answers, I know that I’m praising God for his grace on me and a 2nd chance for these men. Amen.

Joel Luna

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Joel Luna is the Staff Intern for Education. He came to TC back in 2004. He attends Cathedral of Faith church in Watsonville and serves as the Director of Hospitality.



Fire On The Mountain

Fire On The Mountain

Dear Ministry Partner:

Sometimes, the second hardest thing to do is admit we need help. We like to believe that we can handle things on our own. The hardestthing, however, for us to do is ask for help. So here I go…..

We need your help! As you know, we do very little fundraising and rarely ask for financial help. However, the time has come. Unfortunately, as in any war, not all the battles are won. We are winning the war, but it comes at a cost. Sometimes it is three steps forward and one step back. This year there have been two significant events that have impacted our ability to generate operating income.

First, as you know, we are in a severe drought. This has cut our carwash income as much as $4,000 per month ($24,000 year-to-date). Unfortunately, there is no near end in sight.

fire-01Secondly, around midnight on June 3rd, our men awoke to a fire that broke out at our lodge and restaurant, Sierra Woods Lodge, Sierra Pacific Teen Challenge. Fire trucks were called, it took 45 minutes for the Fire Department to arrive. During that time, the men at the lodge worked valiantly to keep the fire from spreading. Without their efforts, it may have been a total loss. Still, it caused $400,000 in damages and a potential $100,000 loss in business income.

If you are able to help, will you come alongside us and see us through these difficult times? Any support you can provide will go a long way. We continue to be faithful to our core value of stewardship by working hard, keeping our expenses at a bare minimum and being an example to our students of providing for ourselves where possible.


On a positive note, we have seen our efforts at Sierra Woods Lodge blessed by God. In just one year, it not only supports itself, it fully supports a twenty-four bedmen’s Teen Challenge Center (Sierra Pacific Teen Challenge) and now, prior to the fire, helps to support our whole organization.

A lot of great things continue to happen. Lives are changing. Families are reconciling. People are becoming active in their calling. Daily, men and women are turning from lives filled with abuse, gangs, violence, crime and homelessness to productive lives full of hope.

Last year, a very generous donor purchased a 21,000 square foot building in Santa Cruz County to house an expanded women’s center. This year, after a favorable neighborhood meeting, Planning Commission Public Hearing and unanimous approval, and City Council Public Hearing and approval, we are well on our way to construction and operation of a ninety-four bed women and women with children Teen Challenge center and shelter.

Online donations can be made here through our web site. Just click on the red “Donate” button located throughout the site including the very top of each page. You can designate which center you wish your contribution to support. Please consider checking the “Monthly” box to make it easy to support us regularly. You will still receive a donation receipt by mail or email. Thank you in advance for your generous support. May you and your family be truly blessed.

God Bless,

Michael Borden

Executive Director

Watsonville Council OKs Brennan Street Homeless Shelter

Watsonville Council OKs Brennan Street Homeless Shelter

Teen Challenge plans 94-bed facility for women and children

By Donna Jones

djones@santacruzsentinel.com @DonnaJonesSCS on Twitter

WATSONVILLE >> The City Council approved conversion of the former Baker Brothers furniture store on Brennan Street into a rehabilitation center and 94-bed shelter for women and children. “I live next door to a Teen Challenge facility, and they’ve been nothing but good neighbors,” said Councilman Daniel Dodge, joining a 6-1 majority in the approval.

The city Planning Commission unanimously approved the Teen Challenge Monterey Bay’s shelter proposal in May. But lawyer Timothy Walsh, whose firm rents a neighboring office, appealed the decision, citing parking concerns. With a school, strip mall, offices and homes, the neighborhood is a congested area with an existing parking problem that would be made worse by the shelter, Walsh said. Several neighbors agreed, including a woman who said parking is so tight, people leave their cars in her driveway.

The project, which only identifies 18 parking spaces for its use, doesn’t meet city regulations that mandate at least 36, and possibly as many as 55, he said. Officials can’t ignore the rules just because the project may offer a beneficial service.

“This is not about challenging Teen Challenge. I’m sure they are a wonderful organization and helping people,” Walsh said. “The Planning Commission simply can’t ignore city regulations dealing with parking.” But planner Keith Boyle said city regulations do allow parking requirements to be cut in half if the building is used for transitional housing.

Boyle also said the city only has a chance to weigh in because the use departs from commercial zoning. If a more intensive retail business moved into the building, the city would not be able to stop it. “From our perspective, this is one of the better opportunities not to impact neighbors,” Boyle said.

Mike Borden, Teen Challenge executive director, urged the council to uphold the planning commission’s decision. He said the nonprofit has operated similar facilities in Watsonville for 27 years without problems, and it is providing vital services to a vulnerable population. Borden also said the facility would not need much parking in any case. Residents involved in the rehabilitation program are not allowed to have cars, and shelter guests don’t typically have the finances to own vehicles.

“The best way to see if we are going to have a negative impact is to look at our record,” Borden said. “We’re very careful and concerned about our public image, and we are a contributing member to this city and to this county.”

 “The best way to see if we are going to have a negative impact is to look at our record,” – Mike Borden

Councilwoman Nancy Bilicich, citing concern over possible litigation, wanted to resolve issues before the project moved forward. She voted no.